London-based professional photographer specialising in food, drink, events and travel. 

I create image portfolios for leading hospitality venues independently and in collaboration with creative agencies. Taking a social-first approach, I like to immerse myself in the action to capture both front of house and back of house, and give a true representation of each individual venue - its people, its food and its customers. My images are great Instagram eye-candy, but can also be edited for press releases and media requests. In fact, my shots have been published in GQ, The Guardian, Time Out, Stylist and The Evening Standard.

I like working with small, independent businesses as well as established hospitality groups, and am happy to discuss my services and come up with a plan that suits you - this can include speedy editing turnarounds, late-night / early-morning / weekend sessions and social media assistance. Clients include Patty & Bun, the Bone Daddies family, CoBa, Butchies, Villages Brewery and a number of restaurants in the Fulham Shore stable. 

Having lived in Australia and Kuala Lumpur, I also like to travel whenever I can – my camera always comes with me. I am also founder and editor of lifestyle website Sharking for Chips and Drinks and co-host of The Beer Podcast.