The Most Important Food Photography Tip When Using a Smart Phone / by Nic Crilly-Hargrave

These days you don't need a a professional camera set up to take a good photo of food when you're dining. All you need is your smart phone, ideally some daylight streaming in onto your table and some good looking food to shoot.

A tip I use frequently but also frequently enough don't see it in use by everyone else is.....

Firstly - make sure you're cleaned the glass in front of your camera otherwise no matter how good your phone is, you're not going to get the perfect shot.

....The Upside Down method.


Everyone (and I mean everyone) takes a photograph the same way when shooting face on: camera pointed on a 45 degree angle and your thumb on the trigger at the bottom of the phone.

But to get a better photo on your smart phone, flip it upside down and have the screen under the thumb button. Now you can get lower for the shot and possibly a better angle without having to slide down your seat or stand up.

This takes some getting used to, to automatically revert to this but it's well worth adding to your repertoire.

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